The skittle finally got me...

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    after 5+ years, I got my first ticket.:( I got ticketed for crossing a double white line, and I probably deserved it. The reason I say probably was because I wasn't really paying attention. I was in traffic, saw a couple of other cars moving into the carpool lane, and thought hey I have a passenger too, I can be there as well. So I went...1/2 mile or so later, there is a cop on my tail pulling me over. No one else just me. Oh well, now I get to decide if I am just going to pay it, or try to fight it. Anyone have experience fighting tickets? The reason I would fight it, the cop messed up writing the ticket? The cop wrote it as daylight, when it was darkness. And also he wrote the color of my car as being gold and black. Could that fact the the officer messed up writing the ticket, be ground to throw it out? Or should I just pay it and be done, since I probably did deserve it?