Nostalgia HEMI/WEDGE Challenge

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    7th Annual Kooks custom headers NMCA Muscle Car Nationals/1st Annual Late Model HEMI Shootout Maple Grove Raceway Reading PA. june 5-7 2009

    Nostalgia HEMI/Wedge Challenge:

    The NMCA’s Late-Model HEMI Shootout will be “theâ€￾ late-model HEMI drag race of the year. The NMCA would also like to invite any competitors with a vintage HEMI/Wedge power plants to come out and see why the National Muscle Car Association is the #1 muscle car series in the U.S.

    Older HEMI/Wedge enthusiasts are invited to participate in the Nostalgia HEMI/Wedge Challenge, where they can win bonus cash and prizes for winning an NMCA class with a HEMI or Wedge power plant. Every NMCA event features older muscle cars competing in the Nostalgia Muscle Car, Nostalgia Super Stock, True Street, and Open Comp classes.

    Purse: Win one of the cool classes listed above in an older HEMI and the NMCA will double the winner’s purse and give you a cool winner’s jacket!

    Rules: Log on to to find out specific class rules for any of the classes listed above.

    For specific rules questions please contact NMCA’s tech director, Jeff Conley, at 260-572-0448.
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