Music Video Being Shot on Saturday, July 17th at 2010 LX & Beyond Nationals

Discussion in 'MidWest' started by turbobuckeye, May 20, 2010.

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    I have been talking with Kacey Chrysler, a music producer, artist, radio show host and he provided the music featured in one of the new Chrysler 300C commercials. He invited me to talk on his radio show about the 2010 LX & Beyond Nationals. (which will be available on iTunes for download soon!)

    Now that the news is official I can let everybody know that Kacey Chrysler has confirmed that he will be shooting a music video at this year's LX & Beyond Nationals!!! Obviously his staff will be looking for some vehicles to feature in the forefront. So any mods you are working on you got 2 months to get everything looking sharp.

    I told ya'll this year's LX & Beyond Nationals was gonna be fun!!! (Stop procrastinating and start planning) :mains:

    Is it July yet?

    Anthony Carter
    LX & Beyond Nationals