Left Foot Braking for FWD Vehicles

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    nice write up!

    I learned to LFB a couple of years ago when I first started competing in rally-x and went to a rally school... now I live by it! with a car FWD turbo car there is almost no choice but learn it if you want to got fast on dirt/gravel... you need to use it for two very important reasons: one is to stay in the boost - with your left foot on the brake your right foot can stay planted on the throttle.. & two is to loosen up the tail - you will be surprised once your left foot learns how to modulate the brake how simple it is to pivot the car on command -

    when I see a vid of myself racing my brakelites are on almost from the time I leave tha start line (albeit just my foot resting on the pedal at first but then I pretty much hold the throttle down and modulate the eng. RPM with the brake pedal -
    warning ... this is NOT something you want to do to your daily driver on a regular basis as I go through a few sets of pads/rotors in a season but the upside is I can can control this beast now in the dirt!!
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