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    2. YITAMOTOR Honda CR-V Floor mats
    • For honda CR-V 2017 – 2021

    • These are non-toxic – yes
    • Using TPE material – 3D Laser Measured
    • Flexible in cold weather
    • Non-Slippery – Anti-skidding yes
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    Second on the list we have brought you very durable and good floor mats for your car, are you looking for best 2018 honda crv all weather floor mats, So we hope these floor mats are best and perfec for you car, which weigh is 7.39 pounds, and are also very good looking.

    Protectable – Prevent slippery feet from slipping due to excessive dirt, but it is important to keep your feet clean while driving, but only if the shoes get dirty due to the rainy weather. So they protect your feet from slipperiness and keep your trip safe. and also Protectsthe rear and front sides of the vehicle from full dirt.

    Easy to clean – These floor mats are very easy to clean no matter how dirty they are, you can clean these floor mats by wetting any clean cloth, no spray, shampoo or soap is required.

    Waterproof rubber is included – These floor mats are specially designed to protect the carpet life of the car from dirt, ridges trap water, dirt, mud, sand, so that the carpet always looks brand new, prevents all dirt from spreading and water from slipping down on the carpet.