Crank Pulley Install

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    Ok; here's MY version of the complete install for the LET 185mm pulleys(I don't know if the 181 or 178's come with the two idler pulleys as well)......

    Pop hood

    Remove two clips on very top of fan assy. that hold it against the radiator, unplug the one plug in for the fan on the drivers' side of the assy..............then pull fan assy. straight up and out of the car(make sure to move aside the hoses that snag as you pull it up).

    Once that's out you can see everything with a flash light. Before you remove the serpentine belt it is best to loosen(don't remove yet) the 4 10mm bolts that hold one of the two idler pulleys in place.

    You will need an E10(inverted torx) socket and long 3/8'' drive ratchet. Put that on the gold(I believe) torx looking piece that's in the middle of the tensioner which is located halfway down the engine towards the drivers' side and with about a 1/4 turn counter clock wise the tensioner will be loose enough to remove the belt from around the crank pulley and idler pulleys(there is NO need to remove the belt completely; waste of time).

    now you can take a 1/2 impact gun with short 27mm socket and remove the crank bolt. Once removed the pulley will just slide off the crank(make note of where the keyway is so you can quickly align the new pulley) then slide the new pulley on and put a dab or two of blue(or red) locktite on the NEW crank bolt and impact it back on.

    Next you're onto the idler pulleys; finish removing the 4 10mm bolts on the one idler and remove............then install the new one(you can hand thread bolts part way then tighten once the belt is back in place), now the top idler pulley has one 15mm bolt that you must remove and it will pull rite off...........if the new pulley has a spacer with it that goes on the OUTSIDE of the idler pulley when reinstalled to retain correct spacing from the motor. You can put a dab of blue locktite on that bolt as well.

    On reinstall of the belt do the 1/4 turn on the tensioner(or go until you feel decent resistance) and put the belt back around the pulleys you removed it from..............release the tensioner. Now go over EVERY pulley and make sure that the belt is seated perfectly in the middle of all pulleys............if not then turn tensioner enough to get slack and move belt into the proper grooves. Once that's done you can do the final tightening of the 4 10 mm bolts on the one idler pulley. All pulleys are now done

    Reinstall the fan making sure that the two tabs on the very bottom of the shroud fit flush against the radiater and fall into the seating holes. Then put both clips back on top of radiator, plug it in and go fire up the engine for a minute then shut it off. If there's no loud noises or belt movement then close the hood and enjoy your new power.

    Tools needed:
    1/2'' impact
    27mm short socket
    15mm 3/8'' socket
    10mm 3/8''(or 1/4'') socket
    3/8'' ratchet(and possibly 1/4'' ratchet)
    small flat head screwdriver for radiator clip removal and plug in disconnect
    E10(inverted torx) bit

    written by Moparrbust