Back in a SRT again!

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    Dec 20, 2007
    Lets recap. Here is my SRT-4 Neon I had for over 7 years. 04 Neon SRT-4. Stage 3 on e85.
    Wanted something that was RWD and a 2 door. So I picked this puppy up. 02 C5 z06 with P1SC1 ProCharger. Put down 531whp on 8 lbs via Mustang dyno:
    Never really got to enjoy it much. C5's have a TON of issues. Previous owner spent thousands on electronics that were going out from TCS,ABS module, door modules etc. Luckily I didn't have too many issues with it when I decided to put it up for sale. Sold it in 4 days. Guy drove over 1000 miles from PA and trailered it home. Paid full asking price too! :D I just wasn't a fan of the interior, not so much the color and how big the car is. I like smaller cars.

    So that leads me to my next car. A Crossfire SRT-6. I have been eyeing these cars for quite some time. Always loved the looks and how unique they are. I just so happened to stumble across one on Craigslist in Oklahoma for a great price. It only had 34,000 miles and it was for sale from the original owner. Huge positives in my book!
    Keeping it simple on mods..for now hahaha.
    Added a NeedsWings dual cold air intake
    NeedsWings oil catch can will be installed soon.

    Thanks for looking!