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    My neice just informed me the other day on this one...

    PWND = personally owned
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    IRDGAF ... I Really Dont Give A FUCK
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    After the '86 Shuttle explosion:

    (NASA): Need Another Seven Astronauts

    After the Davidian compund in Waco went up in flames.

    (WACO): What A Cook Out

    (FORD): Fixed Or Repaired Daily / Found On Roadside Dead

    Ford backwards (DROF): Driver Returns On Foot.:bye:
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    (FORD): F*cked Over Rebuilt Dodge
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    what about car related ones
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    AFAIK= As far as I know.
    SNFU= Situation Normal Fucked up.
    TIA= Thanks in advance
    Imo= In my opinion
    AFOAF= A friend of a friend
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    eye dew et four teh lulz.
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    Probably all old, but...

    LAGNAF... let's all get naked and F***

    DILLIGAF... do I look like I give a F***

    FUBAR... F'd up beyond all recognition

    BCOD... Butt-Crack of dawn

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    Hey Trojan I thinks its supposed to be SNAFU: Situation Normal All Fuc*** Up
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    Not really an acronym but...

    "JABBERWALKY"... Jabb her into second, & walk yer self home. (after your driveshaft hits the pavement at the 60ft mark)
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    Nope, didn't help. I looked but it wasn't listed. I'm pretty sure from the context that this was what it meant.

    RIAA - Ron is an azz?

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    Can't believe no one gave this one....

    BFD Big F--king Deal
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    Thought this would be a funny read for you guys! :laugh: This list will help you decipher anything from New Zealand and/or in many cases Australia. This list will help when ever you are unsure. Use the easy A-Z and find out just what on earth that crazy Kiwi is going on about! LOL There a few that never originated in New Zealand but many were and they're on the list as we use them lots down here (some/most).


    Ads: TV commercials, adverts.
    Arse: Rear end, butt.


    Banger: Sausage.
    Bach: Small holiday home, pronounced "batch" .
    Beaut: Great; good fun; "that'll be beaut mate".
    Bit of a dag: Hard case; comedian; joker.
    Biscuit: Cookie.
    Blat: Go for a short fast drive, go for a burn. "Just going out for a quick blat in the Dodge".
    Bloke: Man, and often used when referring to a stranger as in; "There's this bloke".
    Blow me down: Expression of surprise, as in; "Well! Blow me down, I didn't know that."
    Bludge: To sponge off others; as in "dole bludger".
    Bob's your Uncle!: Roughly translates to "there ya go, that's all there is to it!' simple, no worries.
    Bonk: To have sex with.
    Bonnet: Car hood.
    Boot: Car trunk.
    Box of budgies: Cheerful, happy, very good.
    Boy-racer: Young hoon in fast car with unbelievably loud stereo & tacky add-ons.
    Braces: Suspenders (Also as-in Braces for teeth).
    Brassed off: Disappointed, annoyed.
    Brekkie: Short for 'breakfast'.
    Brickie: Bricklayer.
    Bugger all: Not much, very little; as in "What you doing tonight? "bugger all".
    Buggered: Exhausted.
    Bugger off: Piss off, shove off, get out.
    Bum: Rear end, butt.
    Bum Bandit: Homosexual.
    Bun in the oven: Pregnant.
    Bush: Small & large trees and native plants densely packed together - sort of like a small forest.
    Bust a gut: Make an intense effort.


    Cackhanded: Left handed, southpaw.
    Candyfloss: Cottoncandy.
    Capsicum: Green pepper.
    Car park: Parking lot.
    Caravan: Trailer/Mobile home.
    Cardy: Woollen button-up-the-front jersey (also cardie).
    Carked it: Died, kicked the bucket.
    Chips: French fries (Also = Crisps).
    Cheers: Goodbye, thanks or good luck.
    Chemist: Pharmacy, drug store. Also an euphemism for druggist.
    Cheque: Check.
    Cheerio: Good bye.
    Chilly bin: Sealable, usually polystyrene insulated box, for keeping beer & food cold.
    Chippy: Builder, carpenter.
    Choc-a-block: Full to overflowing.
    Chocolate fish: A chocolate covered marshmallow fish.
    Choice: Very good.
    Chook: Chicken.
    Chrissy: Christmas.
    Chuffed: Pleased; as in "he was dead chuffed".
    Chunder: To vomit, hurl, blow chunks.
    Cods wollop: Untrue statement or remark, referred to as a "load of old cods wollop".
    Colly wobbles: A feeling of nausea usually associated with nervousness.
    Corker: Very good.
    Cornflour: Cornstarch.
    Cotton buds: Q-tips.
    Courgette: Zuchini.
    Cracker: Very good.
    Crib: Small holiday home.
    Crikey dick!: Gosh! wow! (Cry-key)
    Crisps: Potato chips or just Chips.
    Crook: Sick, unwell.
    Cuppa: Cuppa tea, cuppa coffee, cuppa milo.
    Cuz: As in male or female cousin or friend.


    Dag: Hard case; joker; comedian, as in "Joe Blow's a bit of a dag isn't he?".
    Dairy: "Corner store".
    Ding: A small dent in a vehicle; as in "the prang caused a bit of a ding".
    Dole: Unemployment benefit; income support for the unemployed.
    Doing the ton: Driving fast! (100 mph).
    Dodgy: Bad, unreliable, spoiled; as in "that fish is a bit dodgy".
    Draughts: Checkers.
    Dreaded lurgy: Alternative name for the flu or a head cold.
    Dressing gown: Bathrobe.
    Drop kick: Idiot, loser, plonker: "What a drop kick that guy is".
    Dummy: Pacifier.
    Dunny: Toilet, bathroom, lavatory.
    Duvet: Quilt.


    Fancy: Hanker after somebody.
    Fanny: A "fanny" refers to female genitalia. In NZ the fanny is not the bottom area.
    Fizzy: Soda pop.
    Finger stalls: Back seats at the movie theatre, where adolescents take their girlfriends.
    Flannel: Wash cloth.
    Flash: Sensational or "thats flash" meaning it looks really good.
    Flat: Apartment.
    Flicks: Movies, picture theatre.
    Flog: Steal, nick.
    Footpath: Pavement or sidewalk.
    Fortnight: Two consecutive weeks, derived from 14 nights.
    French letter: Condom.
    Fudge Nudger: Homosexual.


    Gas guzzler: Large car, usually associated with older USA imports.
    Gawk/Gawking: Stare at; take a look at. As in "What are you gawking at!?".
    Get off the grass: Exclamation of disbelief; equivalent to "stop pulling my leg" & "get outta here".
    Gimme: Abbreviation for "give me...".
    Give your ferret a run: Have sex.
    Gizza: Abbreviation for "give us a...".
    Going bush: Become reclusive. Staying out in the "woods" camping eg: wop-wops.
    Good on ya, mate!: Congratulations! Well done!
    Good-as-gold: A good job well done; not a problem; an affirmative answer.
    Greasies: Common term for fish & chips, probably because they usually are! (greasy that is).
    Gridiron: American football.
    Ground floor: First floor.
    Gumboots: Rubber boots, wellingtons, wellies.


    Hard case: Joker; comedian.
    Hard yakka: Hard work, associated with labouring.
    Heaps: General expression to mean a lot, as in "miss you heaps", or try hard; "give it heaps".
    Hissy fit: Throwing a tantrum when things you don't get your way.
    Hokey pokey: 'Sea foam' candy.
    Home 'n hosed: Safe, completed successfully.
    Hoon: Usually associated with young adults, fast cars, loud stereos & alcohol.
    Hooray: The Kiwi "Goodbye". Also "Hu-ru".
    Horse shit: Telling lies; "what a load of horse shit"
    Hosing down: Raining heavily.
    Hunky dory: Everything's fine, as in "my life is hunky dory".


    Ice block: Popsicle.


    Jandal: Thongs, flip-flops.
    Jersey: Sweater.
    Judder bar: Speed bump.
    Jumper: Woollen sweater.


    Kiwi: An endangered flightless bird native to New Zealand (Also nick name for a New Zealander).
    Kiwifruit: Hairy skinned fruit with lime green flesh. (Also known as Chinese Gooseberry).
    Kick the bucket: Die, cark it.
    Knackered: Stuffed; f##cked, rooted, as in "I am knackered"; "that bike is knackered".
    Knickers: Underwear.


    Lift: Elevator.
    Lolly: Candy.
    Loo: Bathroom.
    Loose metal: Gravel road (see also metal road).
    Lorry: truck.


    Mad: Crazy or awesome as in; "Man, that car is mad!"
    Main: Primary dish of a meal.
    Maori: Indigenous people of New Zealand.
    Mate: Buddy, (common term, and can be used even with strangers) as in "how's it going mate" for "how are you", but it is NOT used to the same extent as spoken in Australia where every second word seems to be "mate".
    Metal road: A country road (usually) with a gravel or shingle surface (see also loose metal).
    Motorway: Freeway or highway.
    Mum: Mom.


    Naff off: Get lost!
    Nana: Female grandparent.
    Nappy: Diaper.
    Netball: Game somewhat similar to basketball usually participated in by woman.
    Nought: Zero.


    Pack a sad: Become morose, ill-humoured, moody. Also "broken/dead" i.e. the PC "packed a sad".
    Pakeha: Non-Maori person (park-ee-hah).
    Panel beater: Auto body shop.
    Pavement: Sidewalk.
    Petrol: Gasoline (gas).
    Pie cart: Affection term for a road-side or side-show food seller's converted mobile caravan.
    Piece-of-piss: Easy as! Eg: "that was a piece of piss to make".
    Pike out: To give up when the going gets tough.
    Pikelet: Small pancake often served with jam and whipped cream.
    Piker: One who gives up easily (see pike-out) used lots when drunk and off to bed: "Ya piker!"
    Pinky: Little finger.
    Pissed: Drunk, inebriated eg: "Mate, I'm feel right pissed, I can't even walk."
    Pissed-off: Angry, as in "I'm really pissed off!"
    Pissing down: Raining heavily.
    Piss around: Waste time or effort in a futile manner a.k.a. f##k about.
    Piss-up: Social gathering with alcohol.
    Plastered: Drunk, pissed.
    Plod: Friendly term for local policeman.
    Plonker: Idiot, dork, drop kick; usually used in good spirit.
    Pong: Bad smell. "Did you drop your guts? What's that pong!?"
    Poo Pusher: Homosexual, also know as poo packer.
    Power cut: Outage.
    Postal code: Zip code.
    Pram: Baby carriage, stroller.
    Prang: Minor vehicle accident, or a major one as in "that was one hell of a prang".
    Pub: Bar, hotel were liquor is served.
    Push bike: Bicycle.
    Pushing up daisies: Dead and buried.


    Rack off: Go away (angry), piss off.
    Raining cats & dogs: Raining heavily!
    Randy: Horny, feeling sexy.
    Rark up: Give somebody a good telling off.
    Rarky: Burnout; wheel-spin.
    Rattle your dags: Hurry up; get a move on ie: move your arse.
    Rellies: Family, relatives.
    Root: To have sex.
    Ring: Phone somebody; as in "I'll give him/her/them a ring". From the sound "ring-ring".
    Roadway: Pavement.
    Rubber: Eraser. Also known as a condom. "Have fun, got your rubbers?!".
    Rubbish: Trash or garbage; as in "should I throw this in the rubbish?" Also, "stop talking rubbish".


    Sammies: Sandwiches.
    Scull: Drink beer rapidly.
    Sealed road: Paved road.
    Serviette: A napkin made of either fabric or absorbent paper. Used to wipe hands & mouth.
    Shandy: Drink made with lemonade and beer.
    She'll be right: Not a problem, it'll be O.K. as in: "Will that hold?.......She'll be right".
    Skiting: Bragging; showing off.
    Sickie: As in "Throw a sickie"; To take time off work "officially" for illness, but more likely for a fun.
    Skint: Short of money.
    Smoko: Break, rest period used mainly for work force purposes. "Smoko time people".
    Snotty: (snooty), Ill-humoured, packing a sad, sook.
    Sook: Someone behaving like a softcock or a big wuss. Ie: "stop being a sook"
    Sparkie: Electrician.
    Spew: To throw up, vomit, etc.
    Sparrow fart: Very early in the morning - the crack of dawn.
    Spinner: Someone who tells untrue stories when they're "Spinning a bullshit yarn".
    Spit the dummy: To throw a tantrum or get mad.
    Sticking plaster: Band-aid.
    Strapped for cash: Short of money.
    Strewth: Honestly, expletive showing frustration. Derived from the old phrase 'God's Truth'.
    Stroppy: Easily provoked to anger; fiercely protective.
    Stubbies: Small, short, tightish style rugby shorts aka "budgie smugglers" for what they "reveal".
    Stubby: Small bottle of beer
    Stuffed: Really tired eg "I'm off to bed, I'm stuffed".
    Suck the kumura: To die or otherwise cease. (Coom-ah-rah).
    Sunday driver: Driving really, really, slow.
    Sunnies: Sunglasses.
    Super loo: Massive automated public toilet complex.
    Suss: To figure out eg: "I'll be there in a second, just have to suss thus last part out".
    Sweet-as! A term people say instead of "cool" or "awesome". ("How you feeling?" "Sweet-as!").


    Ta: Thanks (Tah or Tar)
    Take-aways: New Zealand term for "take-outs" or food "to go".
    Take the piss: To ridicule, make fun of, tease.
    Take a hike: Expression of anger, as in; "Go away!" "Get lost!".
    Tea: Dinner - generic name for evening meal.
    Tea towel: Dish rag.
    Thick: Not too smart; eg: "Are you thick or something?!?"
    Tights: Pantyhose.
    Tiki tour: Roundabout way to get somewhere; scenic tour.
    Tip: Dump or recycling depot.
    Tracksuit: Sweats.
    Tramping: Hiking.
    Togs: Swimsuit, bathing suit.
    Tomato sauce: Ketchup.
    Torch: Flashlight.
    Trots: Horse racing.
    Trots: Diarrhoea as in "I've got the trots" can also say: "I'm off to the racers" meaning trots/toilet.
    Twink: White-out.
    Tyre: Tire


    Underpants: Undershorts.
    Up the duff: Pregnant.


    Valet: A person who cleans vehicles... NOT parks them!
    Verge: Grassy area on the side of the road.
    Vest: Undershirt.
    Vegemite: Spread for toast or bread.


    Wally: Clown, loser, idiot. "How did you fall down the steps you wally?"
    Wardrobe: Clothes closet.
    Wee cracker: Nice day as-in; "Wee cracker of a day, isn't it?"
    Wet blanket: Spoils fun & doesn't get into the "swing" of things, particularly at a social occasion.
    Wellies: Gumboots.
    What are ya!: "Are you mad?" Also implies doubt about "manhood", As in:- "What are ya! ... Pussy?"
    Wharfie: Stevedore.
    Whinge: Complain.
    Windscreen: Windshield.
    Wobbly (pack a wobbly): Become angry, get snotty.
    Wonky: Crooked.
    Wop-wops: Out of the way location; middle of nowhere.


    Yanks: Slang term for Americans.
    Yonks: Forever, a long time ago, ages; as in "I haven't seen them in yonks".
    Yarn: Spin a "tall story", tell a joke, talk.
    Yack: General conversation held between friends; as in "have a yack". Also means to vomit.
    You ain't wrong: That's right, yes.


    Zed: Z; zee; the last letter of the alphabet.
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    PIIHB> Put it in her butt :grin:
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    omfg roflmgdfao!!!!!

    sooo true. ive have to walk home sooooooo many times to get the truck with my POS 68 rustang.