7th Annual Ross Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Nationals

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    The Eaton Late Model EFI class is another great class that many of the Late Model HEMI cars fit into. To see of your car fits within the rules go to www.nmcadigital.com

    Bradenton, Florida - March 27-29, 2009
    Bradenton Motorsports Park


    The 2009 season will start out with a blast down in the Sunshine State. With Spring Break winding down, and the summer not too far away, the NMCA will launch the season in style at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Once again, we'll start off the weekend with a wild Hooters Pre-Race Party at the Hooters of Bradenton. The 7th Annual Ross Pistons NMCA Hot Rod & Muscle Car Nationals boasts one of the season's largest heads-up NMCA Edelbrock Drag Race, NMCA Auto Show & Shine, swap meet and vendor midway. And be sure to check out the awesome Burnout Contest. Join us in Bradenton for the official kick-off to history's fastest street legal drag racing season yet, the 2009 NMCA Edelbrock Muscle Car Nationals!