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Dyno = NO JOY!

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Originally Posted by Velociabstract This thread keeps popping up so I'll update it. I've learned that Crossfires dyno like any ...

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Originally Posted by Velociabstract View Post
This thread keeps popping up so I'll update it. I've learned that Crossfires dyno like any other car. You don't need a 4WD dyno or need to pull any fuses. The misinformation you hear. I'm still lousy at the 1/4 mile but managed a 12.7 at 113 with a 2.0 60'. Best dyno to date is 321 rwhp on a Mustang dyno. I do track days and compete in Solo events and now that I've learned to drive, I usually make the podium in my SRT-6.
As far as how to dyno a Crossfire .... the auto downshifts and the only way to have a decent run is to roll into the throttle. I start at 2500, 1/2 throttle until 3000, 3/4 throttle until 3500 and then press to the floor. The torque curve on these cars is beautiful. It's a table from start to redline with only a 10 or 20 ft. lb. variation from start to finish. So what you have comes on instantly.

Ahhhh good to know.

Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
Wow, old post bump..
Was worth it as I did too.
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Now 11.9 at 117.40. I'm not looking for more for the time being. I'm maxed out on the stock injectors and don't need more problems with tuning by email. Now at 350hp at 6000 rpm on the same mustang dyno. I raised the limiter on the ECU but could never get the TCU tune to perform correctly. It worked on the dyno, just not anywhere else. 372 hp at 6350 rpm.

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